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Enjoy the #1 Roulette Games With Ladbrokes’, Try American Roulette, European Roulette, Speed Roulette and More

Roulette, a quintessential game of chance and strategy, captivates players in Belgium and beyond. Its appeal lies in the simplicity of the spinning roulette wheels and the unpredictability of where the ball will land. Online casino platforms like Ladbrokes bring the excitement of roulette to players through a variety of online roulette games, combining the thrill of the game with the convenience of online gaming. Whether you're an experienced player or new to the gaming scene, roulette offers a blend of tension, chance, and potential winnings that's hard to beat.


What is Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in Belgium! Originating from France in the 18th century, the name roulette means "little wheel" in French, which aptly describes the central element of the game. Players place bets on where they predict a ball will land on a spinning wheel. The roulette wheel itself is divided into numbered slots, ranging from 0 to 36 in European Roulette, with an additional 00 slot in American Roulette, which slightly alters the odds and increases the house edge.

Progressive Roulette

Progressive roulette introduces a thrilling twist to the classic roulette game by adding progressive jackpots to the potential winnings. As players place bets, a portion of each bet contributes to a growing jackpot, offering the chance to win big with the right spin. This variant is a real money casino game that appeals to those seeking the excitement of a large payout from the randomness of the spinning roulette wheels.

Non-Progressive Roulette

Non-progressive roulette represents the classic version of the game, adhering to traditional payout ratios without the additional chance for a jackpot. This format is perfect for players looking for a fair game based on the standard rules of roulette. It's a favorite among those who appreciate the predictable house advantage and enjoy playing roulette for fun or with real money.


Interested in Live Dealer Roulette? Ladbrokes Has What You Need!

Live dealer roulette at Ladbrokes offers an immersive online roulette experience, featuring real dealers and real-time action. This popular option merges the convenience of online betting with the authenticity of a casino floor. Players can enjoy their favorite games, including roulette, on mobile devices or computers, making it easier than ever to place a bet with the simple click of a button.


Most Popular Roulette Games

European Roulette

The European roulette option is a staple among roulette variants, known for its single-zero European wheel which significantly reduces the house edge. This classic version is favored by players looking for traditional roulette experiences with better odds.

French Roulette

French roulette, similar to its European counterpart, features special rules like "La Partage" and "En Prison" that offer players a chance to recover their stakes under certain conditions. These additional rules make it a preferred option for those looking to maximize their probability of winning.

American Roulette

The American version of roulette introduces an extra double zero, increasing the house advantage but also adding an extra layer of excitement. American roulette is a go-to for players looking for a game of roulette with a twist, embodying the randomness and unpredictability that define this casino game.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette combines the traditional roulette game with RNG (random number generator) elements, offering multiplied payouts when lightning strikes. This game variant adds an electrifying spin to the classic game, appealing to players chasing massive payouts.

Speed Roulette

For those who prefer a fast-paced gaming experience, Speed Roulette offers rapid rounds, allowing more spins and more chances to bet within a shorter time frame. This variant is perfect for players who value quick takeaways and the constant action of the spinning roulette wheels.

Black & Yellow Roulette

Black & Yellow Roulette is a unique offering at Ladbrokes, providing a vibrant twist on the classic game with special betting options and standout visuals. It caters to players looking for a fresh online roulette experience on their mobile gaming devices.

Ruleta en Vivo

Ruleta en Vivo offers Spanish-speaking roulette players the chance to engage in live dealer games, complete with real-time interaction with dealers. This version of roulette is ideal for those seeking an immersive experience that transcends language barriers.

Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette takes live roulette to new heights with high-definition streaming, multiple camera angles, and slow-motion replays, offering players a front-row seat to every spin and win. It's designed for players who appreciate a detailed view of the action, complete with the anticipation of the ball randomly landing on the roulette wheel.

Salon Privé

Salon Privé presents a high-stakes roulette experience with private tables, high betting limits, and personalized attention from dealers. This exclusive setting is tailored for high rollers looking for privacy and the opportunity to place significant bets on their favorite roulette game variants.


Speed, Lightning, European & American Roulette: Enjoy Responsible Gambling at the #1 Online Casino

Ladbrokes, a licensed casino, promotes responsible gambling across all its roulette variants, from the fast-paced excitement of Speed Roulette to the strategic depths of European and American versions. Players can explore a wide range of games, including roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, and more, ensuring a rich and diverse online gaming experience. Whether you prefer to play on mobile devices or computers, Ladbrokes offers a secure and fair gaming environment for enjoying your favorite games.


What Are Your Chances of Winning at Roulette?

Understanding your chances of winning at roulette involves comprehending the house edge, the types of bets you can place, and the strategy you employ. Roulette, a classic game of chance featured prominently in both brick-and-mortar casinos and online roulette casinos, offers a variety of betting options, each with its own probability of winning and payout ratios.

Different Types of Bets When Playing Roulette

Roulette offers a wide array of betting options, dividing them broadly into two categories: inside bets and outside bets. These bets cater to different gaming preferences, from those who seek the thrill of a significant payout to those who prefer consistent, smaller winnings.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are placed on the numbers themselves or a small range of numbers. They include betting on a single number (a straight-up bet), adjacent numbers (a split bet), a row of three numbers (a street bet), and other configurations within the number grid of the roulette table. While the odds of winning with inside bets are lower due to the specific nature of these bets, they offer higher payouts, with a straight-up bet on a single number paying 35:1. This type of bet is appealing to players who enjoy the randomness and the potential for a large cash payout with the successful prediction of where the ball will land on the online roulette wheel.

Outside Bets

Outside bets, on the other hand, encompass larger groups of numbers or certain characteristics (red or black, even or odd, high [19-36] or low [1-18]). These bets are placed on the options around the perimeter of the number grid. Because they cover a broader range of outcomes, outside bets provide better odds of winning but at lower payout ratios. For instance, betting on red or black, even or odd, offers a 1:1 payout, making these bets particularly suitable for those new to the game or seeking a strategy that minimizes risk. They allow players to enjoy the game longer, extending gameplay while managing their bankroll effectively.

What Is the Safest Bet in Roulette?

The concept of a "safe bet" in roulette, or any casino game, is relative, given the inherent house advantage present in every casino game. However, within the context of roulette strategies and odds, outside bets are generally regarded as the safest route. Bets on red or black, even or odd, or high or low do not promise the excitement of a hefty jackpot win like progressive jackpots or the high payout of a single number inside bet. Still, they do offer more consistent chances of winning.

These outside bets are especially recommended for beginners or those playing roulette for fun without a significant interest in risking large amounts of cash. They represent a strategic approach to playing roulette, allowing for a more predictable pattern of play that can extend the enjoyment of the game and provide more consistent, albeit smaller, takeaways.


What Are Gambling Strategies to Maximize Your Winnings in Roulette?

Roulette strategies such as the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D'Alembert, and Fibonacci aim to manage bets in a way that maximizes potential winnings or minimizes losses. While no strategy can guarantee a win due to the inherent randomness and house advantage in roulette, these methods offer structured approaches to betting, allowing players to make more informed decisions based on odds, probability, and bankroll management.


Choose the #1 Gambling Platform in Belgium

Ladbrokes stands at the forefront of the gambling industry, offering a wide array of online roulette tables and casino games to cater to every gaming preference. From classic roulette variants to innovative new twists like multi-wheel roulette and mini roulette, Ladbrokes provides a comprehensive and exhilarating online gaming experience. With mobile-friendly designs, generous roulette bonuses, and support for real money games, Ladbrokes is the go-to destination for roulette players seeking excitement, convenience, and the chance for big winnings.


Other Casino Games Available on Ladbrokes

Beyond the spinning roulette wheels and the thrill of predicting where the ball will land, Ladbrokes, a premier online casino, expands its gaming universe with a plethora of options catering to every roulette player's gaming preference. From the strategic depths of card games to the sheer chance of dice rolls and the excitement of slot machines, this platform ensures a rich, diverse, and fair game experience across the board.


With various blackjack game variants available, from the classic version to those with special rules and side bets, players can test their strategies, aiming for the perfect 21. This game of chance and skill appeals not only to experienced players but also to newcomers looking to delve into the realm of real money casino games. 


With a range of poker variants, including the globally beloved Texas Hold'em and the strategic complexities of Omaha, the platform caters to every level of experience and betting preference. Real money games, alongside a variety of tournaments, offer a dynamic, immersive experience. 

Dice Games

From the fast-paced action of craps to the strategic betting of baccarat and Sic-Bo, these games offer a blend of randomness and strategy. Each roll of the dice is a game of chance, imbued with the potential for significant winnings, making dice games a perfect choice for players who enjoy a mix of probability, strategy, and the excitement of waiting for the outcome of the roll. 

Slot Machines

Ladbrokes has a diverse array of slot machines, each offering a unique adventure and the chance to win big. From classic slots that mimic the traditional feel of a European wheel to modern video slots with complex narratives and multiple payout lines, there's a slot for every preference. Progressive jackpots and special bonus features add layers of excitement, offering the chance for massive payouts at the push of a button.