Online blackjack: Ladbrokes deals the best cards!

Online blackjack and other online card games are extremely popular these days. This comes as no surprise at all: They are fun, exciting and the closest thing to classic and nostalgic Wild West style duels, without real casualties of course. That nail biting moment when you wait for the dealer to give you your next card, allowing you to see whether you're winning the table… or losing everything; It's what it's all about! Movies have been made about it, many books have been written about it, illusionists give shows on how to win at blackjack and card games ... It's almost bigger than life. No wonder this also appeals to an enormously extensive audience online. Where will you find the best gaming experience? At Ladbrokes, evidently!

The generous Ladbrokes choice of online blackjack and card games

In a classic casino, your choice is usually limited to a few types of card games; the physical space to organize loads of different games is simply lacking. With Ladbrokes online card games, the choice is almost unlimited: Classic, Vegas Strip, Double exposure, Pontoon, Spanish… in short: the sky is truly the limit. Moreover, online blackjack or card games at Ladbrokes are not bound by the limiting rules that apply in live casinos. This means there is more variety and freedom. Another important difference: When playing online, you have time to analyse the rules and learn the nuances of the specific version of the game you prefer. Fancy a particular version of Blackjack? Then that version is guaranteed to be available at Ladbrokes all the time. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for your favorite game to be featured again.

Live online blackjack: the real experience, in the comfort of your home

Nevertheless aching for the thrill of a real live event? Then you will find countless online blackjack live and other card games on our site, ‘starring’ one of our very own, real hosts. Thanks to advanced technology and HD cameras in our live blackjack rooms, you can keep an eye on everything from any angle. There are also microphones allowing you to hear not only the dealer, but also typical casino sounds, such as the shuffling of the cards. There is even the possibility to interact with the dealers and other players.

Our tutorials: master your online card game in no time!

On our "how to play" page, you find all the information you need to fully master each game. With a clear, no-nonsense manual, you quickly know how to turn the odds in your favor. Knowledge is not only power: it gives fate more than a strong push in the right direction! Providing the right insights is embedded in our vision where we aim to provide an optimal chance of satisfaction for everyone. Online card games are primarily about having fun. That works best when you know how it all works.

Free demo games: practice makes perfect

The more you practice, the more likely you are to actually win when you start betting real money on your online card games. For starters, you can look at the different blackjack variations. This way you can learn and compare the rules and odds of each variation. Pretty soon, you will realize which online blackjack or other game suits you best. So take all the time you need to fully understand the game. This is obviously not possible in a live casino: There, it’s all about real money. Approaching a dealer and asking for a free game will be met with a slightly exasperated smile at best

Keep your notes close

Any serious blackjack player will agree that the most important key to success is taking strategic notes. Such tables will tell you what your best move is in every situation or phase of this online card game. In a classic casino, it’s simply forbidden to consult such information or to refer to any external material. This means a major disadvantage. It is one of the main reasons why playing blackjack online gives you much greater chances of winning.

The comfort of your own place

Of course, playing at home or in your own environment has its advantages too. First of all, you can play whenever you want, in the outfit you choose and with the company you prefer. There are also no hotel, travel or restaurant costs to consider when playing online blackjack. Another plus is that our online blackjack and other casino games allow for an almost infinite number of players. You can play at your own pace: count your cards as slowly or as quickly as you want, think about your next move… all without feeling any pressure. Especially useful for those who are not yet familiar with online card games, but the experienced players also welcome these advantages as determining for their chances of winning. The often distracting environmental factors that are so typical for a casino: cigarette smoke, noise, social pressure… are simply eliminated in your own familiar environment. Also, in a classic casino you often get the feeling you are obligated to tip the dealer or throw losing players a dime after you win several rounds. In online blackjack, the option to help out other players is absent. This allows you to manage your budget without feeling guilty, using it exactly how you see fit. It makes keeping track of how much money you have left in your account a lot easier. This form of play is therefore less prone to over betting.

Online card games: great for your mental health!

Another surprising fact: In addition to a considerable entertainment value, playing card games online also offers several health benefits. Thought it was just a "fun pastime”? Think again!

Playing card games offline and online not only stimulates your mental capacity, it is also beneficial for cognitive development. Research has shown those benefits to be remarkably clear.

  • Card games improve your mental health

Studies have shown that online card games help you stay mentally active and sharp.

It also helps to reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. After all, it is pure brain training in its purest form.

  • You strengthen your mathematical and logical performance

Card games are all about fast thinking and mental arithmetic. Not coincidentally two essential skills you cannot really practice often in real life. That's why playing card games is good for your logical and arithmetic skills.

  • Online card games boost your personal development
    Card games offer great opportunities to learn new skills. Even though they look easy at first glance, it can take months to really get the hang of them.
  • You practice patience, focus and discipline
    Card games also improve the following useful skills: concentrating, exercising patience and building discipline. How does this work? It’s simple: You have to be focused while playing a card game, even if it takes hours. At the same time, you also have to remain calm.

Higher win rates, secure payments, privacy

As an online bookmaker, Ladbrokes obviously has a lot less additional costs than any physical casino. This means our win percentages are a lot higher than those of the classic games. Moreover, our deployments and payments always proceed through to the most secure and up-to-date systems, making them extremely reliable and secure. Earning some big bucks? Then nobody needs to know about this… Everything remains strictly anonymous. We treat your identity, profits and security with utmost precision and expertise.