World Cup 2022 predictions: Ladbrokes points to win!

Once every four years, a distinct wave of energy surges through the world. A World Cup is more than just a sporting event; it is a collective time-out where we forget for a moment that we also have conflicting interests. It shows us how competition can also bind us together. Ready to earn a pretty penny while enjoying all this beauty? Then keep an eye on the Ladbrokes World Cup 2022 predictions!

Without further ado: the Ladbrokes World Cup 2022 predictions!

One thing is for sure: this World Cup will again keep fans from all over the world spellbound for weeks. Hundreds of questions are waiting for satisfactory answers. How will my own country perform? What is my favorite country doing? Who will be the best goalkeeper of the tournament? Who plays the best soccer? Which team shows the most spirit? Which coach will stand out? Who will be top scorer? ... the list is almost endless. At the end of the day, these tournaments are all about one thing, though: who will win the World Cup?

At Ladbrokes we like to give you an edge. Therefore, we will highlight some favorites enabling you to base your World Cup 2022 predictions not only on gut feeling, but also on the combined knowledge of real experts!

Our predictions for the 2022 World Cup favorites

Once you have looked at the teams and possible lineups of the different countries, it is of course time to pick your favorites. That choice will determine whether you too will score this winter with some lucky predictions about this unique World Cup. Will history repeat itself with a winner that already has some world cups in its possession? Or will it be an underdog this time? Are the top favorites really as good as they say? Below you will find our favorites:

  • Brazil
  • France
  • Argentina
  • England
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Portugal
  • Germany

Our World Cup 2022 predictions - underdogs

Every tournament there are teams that rise above themselves. The unusual circumstances create an chemical reaction that makes each player suddenly excel. Those teams then enthusiastically turn into combative blocks and at the same time displaying very attractive soccer. It is one of the reasons why a World Cup has that magical appeal to so many people worldwide. For our World Cup 2022 predictions this is of course very interesting: if you pick one of these, you might make big profits!

Below we give you our possible underdogs/outsiders:

  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Tunisia
  • Canada
  • Peru
  • Australia
  • Costa Rica

Zooming in on the favorites

Why exactly do we tip on wins from these teams? We're happy to explain our selection below:


Brazil is again a force to be reckoned with having multiple players that are able to decide a match all by themselves. Consider Arsenal star player Gabriel Jesus, for example; a super-fine striker who guarantees beautiful goals. The expensive transfer fee Arsenal was willing to pay to Manchester City was fully justified. And what to say about Neymar? Ok, his game is characterized by quite a bit of drama and comedia dell'arte, but there is no doubt about his footballing qualities. He remains a scourge for his opponents both mentally and soccer-wise. In Paris, they haven't complained about this transfer for a second, at least as far as his soccer is concerned.... And then there is Vinicius Junior. The young whirlwind rightly benches Eden Hazard at Real Madrid and does so with apparent ease. When he gets the ball, it goes forward: fast, agile and wildly dangerous. In midfield and at the back, the Brazilians also have a secure selection. With history on their side, betting on Brazil as the winner is a very responsible World Cup 2022 prediction.


A defending champion is always a team to keep in mind for final victory. Moreover France, does not have to compromise on any front compared to the previous edition. That in itself is remarkable, given their rather well-stocked injury bench. Above all, France will be a team that can turn things quite exciting: unbeatable and smart when things are going well, erratic when things are going against them. Recently, 'Les Bleus' lost twice against Denmark. Although the Danes are also considered among the favorites, this is an interesting fact to say the least. Make no mistake: the French will have learned the necessary lessons! As mentioned, the injured Paul Pogba, Jules Kounde and N'Golo Kante may not be there, but a team with the likes of Griezmann, Giroud and Mbappé in its ranks undoubtedly absorbs this easily. Although there are some question marks about the latter's attitude... This will be a team to follow! A great option for exciting bets and World Cup 2022 predictions!


Lionel Messi and co will not be unhappy with their draw. They will meet old friend Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Poland. An ideal opportunity to show that they are still a superpower on the world stage. Messi himself still shines at PSG. What he loses in youthful explosiveness, he gains in experience and insight. Messi can still become world champion all by himself. Surviving that first round is, at least on paper, quite achievable. Mexico is always a tough opponent, Poland has the goal scoring machine Lewandowski and Saudi Arabia plays almost at home. It will be fascinating matches to watch, but with Argentina's potential, the South Americans should be able to win every game.

Spain or Germany?

The fact that we count Spain among the favorites is pretty telling, given their surprisingly tough pool. After all, the Armada also meets Germany right at the start of this tournament. Both teams have to sweep aside Costa Rica and Japan: no mean feat!

That’s how it goes; every World Cup, there are some of these high pressure events right from the start. It does present us with some "tricky" World Cup 2022 predictions. These two superpowers are rated about equally high by bookmakers, providing an opportunity to win solidly ... if you choose correctly, of course.

Spain will succeed, because: Barcelona trio Pedri, Gavi and Ansu Fati bundle some of the greatest talents in modern soccer, while seasoned veterans like Sergio Busquets, Cesar Azpilicueta and Thiago Alcantara know what it takes to shine at the highest level.

Beware of Germany because: You are never done with old warriors like Thomas Muller and Ilkay Gundogan. Rising stars Joshua Kimmich, Antonio Rudiger, Serge Gnabry, Niklas Sule and Kai Havertz equally inspire admiration from any soccer fan.

At Ladbrokes you’ll make correct and responsible World Cup 2022 predictions

It is what makes soccer this great fun: trying to estimate who will win this tournament based on all the information available. Of course, making extra money is nice, but the satisfaction of being proven right in such a complex, spectacular and positive matter is simply unparalleled. At Ladbrokes, we are giving you a little edge by providing you with plenty of useful information. Moreover, here you are assured of a responsible, correct and fast approach plus user-friendly platforms. Your gaming enjoyment, as well as security, are of paramount importance to us!