Football: Champions Cup
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Football: Champions Cup

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to get a winning combination of symbols after spinning the reels.  How to play To start playing, you must initially determine the number of lines and the value of the coins to bet on each line. Specifically, you must select the token value by clicking on the "value" buttons [1].

The token amount can vary from a minimum of €0.01 up to a maximum of €1.00. A line is considered successful only if the winning combination occurs on one of the selected lines. You can also click maxbet [2] to place your maximum bet, which is 25 lines at €1 per line. To start the reels rotating you have to click on spin [3], even if you have chosen to click on maxbet [2]. If, when they stop, the reels show a winning combination (along a payline you bet on), you will win the amount set out in the pay table. If you win on multiple lines at once, your winnings will be accumulated.

You can view the pay-out table, pay-out lines and information about bonus combinations at any time by clicking on "i" [4]. The winnings of each winning line are calculated by multiplying the share assigned to the winning combination (as in the pay-out table) by the amount played per line. The total win is the sum of the winnings from each winning line. For the calculation of the bonus winnings, see the paragraph "Bonus". The "autoplay" mode is also available if you click on the autoplay button[5].  This will allow you to activate the automatic rotation of the reels for a set number of times which you can decide. You can also decide to block this mode with the "stop" button.

Bonus round

You can only play the bonus game if the bonus symbol [6] appears consecutively on at least four reels. The multipliers available in the bonus game will be different depending on the number of consecutive bonus symbols. Each multiplier can only appear once for each bonus game. If you get a combination of multiple lines which give you a bonus game, you will be entitled to one bonus game.  The following table shows the available multipliers:

4 Symbols -> x0, x5, x8, x10, x12, x14, x16, x20, x30

5 Symbols -> x0, x20, x32, x40, x48, x56, x64, x80, x120

You made it to the bonus game: Awaken the dead in the desolate valley! Each grave holds a multiplier that is revealed by clicking on it. The multiplier "0" or "Cash" signals the end of the bonus game. Winnings from the bonus game are determined by adding the amount staked and the sum of the multipliers that you managed to reveal.


The return to player percentage (RTP%) for a single bet, is calculated on a statistical basis and equal to 96.21%.